Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is the name given to the way that we get rid of rubbish. For most people their rubbish will be collected by a range of council services and disposed of for them. In some areas you choose what rubbish to dispose of and how it is disposed whereas in others you will be asked to dispose of specific types of rubbish in specific ways.

So, for example, some councils may simply tell you to put all of your rubbish out in bin bags or in provided rubbish bins on a certain day. This rubbish will normally be collected by refuse men and taken to a landfill site where it will be disposed of. If you wish to recycle any of your rubbish as an alternative then you will need to sort this out for yourself.

Nowadays, however, councils are being told to recycle more of their rubbish and to minimise the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill sites. So, here, you may be asked to organise your rubbish to be collected accordingly. For example, you may be asked to put out recyclable rubbish (such as newspapers, bottles, food and garden waste and certain types of plastic waste) out for collection in special containers or on special days. In this instance, anything that cannot be recycled will go out for standard landfill collection.